The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

by John Perkins



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Featuring 12 Explosive New Chapters, This New Edition Of The New York Times Bestseller Brings The Story Of Economic Hit Men Up-to-date And, Chillingly, Home To The U. S.--but It Also Gives Us Hope And The Tools To Fight Back--provided By Publisher. Introduction: The New Confessions -- Part I. 1963-1971 -- Dirty Business -- An Economic Hit Man Is Born -- In For Life -- Indonesia : Lessons For An Ehm -- Saving A Country From Communism -- Selling My Soul -- Part Ii. 1971-1975 -- My Role As Inquisitor -- Civilization On Trial -- Opportunity Of A Lifetime -- Panama's President And Hero -- Pirates In The Canal Zone -- Soldiers And Prostitutes -- Conversations With The General -- Entering A New And Sinister Period In Economic History -- The Saudi Arabian Money-laundering Affair -- Pimping, And Financing Osama Bin Laden -- Part Iii. 1975-1981 -- Panama Canal Negotiations And Graham Greene -- Iran's King Of Kings -- Confessions Of A Tortured Man -- The Fall Of A King -- Colombia : Keystone Of Latin America -- American Republic Versus Global Empire -- The Deceptive Résumé -- Ecuador's President Battles Big Oil -- I Quit -- Part Iv. 1981-2004 -- Ecuador's Presidential Death -- Panama : Another Presidential Death -- My Energy Company, Enron, And George W. Bush -- I Take A Bribe -- The United States Invades Panama -- An Ehm Failure In Iraq -- September 11 And Its Aftermath For Me, Personally -- Venezuela : Saved By Saddam -- Part V. 2004-today -- Conspiracy : Was I Poisoned? -- A Jackal Speaks : The Seychelles Conspiracy -- Ecuador Rebels -- Honduras : The Cia Strikes -- Your Friendly Banker As Ehm -- Vietnam : Lessons In A Prison -- Istanbul : Tools Of Modern Empire -- A Coup Against Fundacion Pachamama -- Another Ehm Banking Scandal -- Who Are Today's Economic Hit Men? -- Who Are Today's Jackals? -- Lessons For China -- What You Can Do -- Things To Do -- Documentation Of Ehm Activity From 2004 To 2015 -- John Perkins Personal History. John Perkins. Includes Bibliographical References (page 343-353) And Index.

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