21 Best Dr. Sebi Green Food Plus Recipe

21 Best Dr. Sebi Green Food Plus Recipe

... Adopting an Alkaline Diet Through Dr Sebi

by Ann Smith



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Dr. Sebi never recommended that anyone should take food that cannot be found on the Dr. Sebi Approved Food Lists. That's why it is essential you know what the approved Dr. Sebi Food list is. This Complete Dr. Sebi Bible will show you all you need to know about staying healthy and lean the Dr. Sebi recommended way. It gives you a complete guide of what you should take in your alkaline diets. The Dr. Sebi food list is very detailed and specific. It does not contain many of the popular plant-based foods that are regarded as whole foods. Dr. Sebi did not approve of using hybrid foods. Hybrid foods are foods and fruits that are made from processes of unnatural cross-pollinating of two or more different plants). The reason Dr. Sebi avoided recommending taking hybrid foods is that these foods alter the pH balance, genetic make-up and electrical composition to the detriment of human bodies. This book will show you how to lose weight and stay healthy by following Dr. Sebi time-tested guide.