Never EVER Lick a Llama

Never EVER Lick a Llama

by Adam Wallace, Mary Nhin



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Everyone loves llamas! How could you not? They're cute and cuddly and have those long necks. But there's more to llamas than meets the eye, especially if, for some reason, you try to lick one! Never EVER lick a llama, Why? The reasons are immense. Decide NOW not to do it, Don't sit on the fence. Come and join the fun in the brand new series, Never Ever, by the New York Times bestselling author of the How to Catch Series, Adam Wallace, and Ninja Life Hacks creator, Mary Nhin. Also in the Never Ever Series: Never Ever Marry a Mermaid Never Ever Upset a Unicorn Never Ever Lick a Llama Never Ever Massage a Moose Never Ever Cuddle a Crocodile Collect them all!