Black Matters, Volume II

Black Matters, Volume II

Plagues Of Dysfunction (Volume 2)

by Zaza Ali



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Black Matters, Volume II, "Plagues of Dysfunction" is ZaZa Ali's second installment of her trilogy "Black Matters". In this work, ZaZa attempts to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing Black America, from a perspective that emphasizes Self-Accountability and taking responsibility for the condition we find ourselves in. Topics discussed in this work include, but are not limited to; Black feminism, materialism, Black male / female relationships, the mishandling of children, sexual perversion, matriarchy vs patriarchy, self-destruction and much more. The goal of this project is to shine a light on topics rarely discussed, with the hopes of going to the root of dysfunctional behaviors plaguing our communities. Blacks in America, descendants of the African diaspora, have spearheaded a movement in trendsetting on a global scale for most of modern history. While our impact has not always been positive, it has most certainly been effective. It is our hope that with a spotlight placed on certain behaviors, we will begin to see the power in our persuasion as a people, and embrace our rolls as cultural leaders and global citizens. This book, "Plagues of Dysfunction" is an offering to aid us in that direction.