Banking on Our Future

Banking on Our Future

A Program for Teaching You and Your Kids about Money

by John Bryant



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'We believe that through economic empowerment, you give people choices in their lives.'

John Bryant grew up in South Central Los Angeles, and while he's founded his own group of companies and been named one of Time's "50 Most Promising Leaders of the Future," he knows what it means to struggle financially. Now, as founder and chairman of Operation HOPE, Bryant focuses on educating young people about money. His Banking on Our Future program has already reached 87,000 students in over 350 schools nationwide, and the number is climbing.

Now you too can have access to the lessons of the award-winning Banking on Our Future program. Here are some of the important things you will learn from this book:
* How to talk with your kids about money
* How to keep track of your family's money with a family financial ledger
* How to teach your ten-year-old about banks and have fun at the same time
* Why saving, even a little money every week week, is so important
* When it's the right time for your teen to have a checking account
* How to set financial goals with your kids, whether they're six or sixteen
* Credit, budgeting, investing, car payments, and more

Banking on Our Future is the financial primer you and your family can't afford to be without. Clear, frank, and always inspiring, this book will help you and your children plan a healthier and happier financial future.