Astrology for Lovers

Astrology for Lovers

An Astrological Guide to a More Fulfilling Sex Life

by Jeanne Rejaunier, Lu Ann Horstman



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Discover whom to love ... and how to love them. Whether you're happy or unhappy with your lover or still seeking that special someone to complete your life, ASTROLOGY FOR LOVERS is the book for you. The popular international bestseller by Jeanne Rejaunier and Lu Ann Horstman, originally published by Pocket Books, a division of Simon and Schuster, New York, and by New English Library in the United Kingdom, has been completely revised and updated for this exciting new edition.What celestial influences are impacting your love life? How do the planets, signs, houses and other astrological elements govern your relationship choices and your sex life — for better or for worse? Discover how to know whether the two of you are headed for certain romance and dynamite sex. Attraction ... affinity ... attachment ... compatibility ... commitment ... passion ...lust ... it's all reflected in your astrological chart. Let the ancient art of astrology help you understand your relationship to those with whom you have intimate liaisons in the past, present or future. Provocative chapters include: Compatibility Facts and Factors; Where is Your Soul Mate and When Will You Meet? The Best Time to Marry; Karma Sex; Doorways to Sexual Bliss ... and much, much more.Subtitled “an astrological guide to a more fulfilling sex life,” ASTROLOGY FOR LOVERS more than lives up to its promise by offering advice on how to improve your lovemaking through techniques both Western and Indian, recommendations you and your partner can use for great sex, including five proven techniques sure to spice up your sex life.